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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Profit Sharing System Review

Profit Sharing System  applied to online businesses, may be redefined as the practice of dividing a share of the profits of the business, among the investors or buyers. The company contributes a portion of its profits to a pool that will be shared among the eligible investors or shares buyers.
In Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki argues that individuals can achieve financial freedom through income streams in four quadrants: Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner, and Investor.
He explains the fact of finding success as being in any of the quadrants, but as the Business Owner and Investor  you will achieve faster greater wealth  than the other quadrants.
If you’re tired of not knowing which route to take… stock market, Forex trading, business, franchise, property portfolio, network marketing or Internet Marketing, tired of trying to make some money online in   MLM systems, network marketing affiliate. Or having trouble at recruiting leads is discouraging you, not enough courage or skills to become a business owner, then this might be the answer Investments.
Profit Share, passive income generation, but with the right mindset and information.
Passive Income works even for newbies searching an income online, if they are smart enough  to get all the info they need before investing. Making  money online for beginners might have an answer in profit sharing system but avoiding scams and keeping your initial investment safe is essential. And get info as much as you can.Because, if in normal trading  system, companies can`t vanish in a minute without a trace, online companies involve a higher risk.

There are two types of online profit share system companies:
1.Those based on investment only profit share, usually known as HYIP
2.Those with  profit share revenue but based on selling advertising or other products, even they not fit on the HYIP classical profile, often are classified in that category.

The first category, HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program) is a type of investment program that yields high interest rates ranging from 5% to as much as 250% per month making it the top investment program.
All transactions of HYIPs are done over the internet and this companies are using a lot of strategical investments, placing money  on various investments: capital management, metal trading, oil trading, sport betting and Forex trading. E-gold is accepted all over the globe, it has a feature that allows easy withdrawal of money making it a good option for completing online transactions, that is why HYIP companies are using it.
Compounding has an important role here  as well as in the second type of profit shares below.

One of the most reliable investment company at this moment, established and working on a 
real hot stock market is Gulf Reserve.

Based already on a solid group of investors for Austria,  EliteAlliance Club, proved to be realiable and paying.

The second category of profit share systems, those based on selling advertising or other products to the investors which in this case are buyers, offer a higher rate of confidence and reliability due to the fact that is very clear where the money are coming from and the revenue, passive income is based on profit share pool  % , compounding  which is added to your account total and earns more interest. Reinvesting part of  your profit  may lead to a massive 400% in some cases. Compounding is important meaning exponential returns, savings and investments grow and wealth is accumulated, when is done over and over again.
Anyway, due to its type, this kind of profit share, delivers more confidence to the investors(buyers) because it is obviously that you will be more relaxed buying shares, in a matter of speaking, and getting in return a company product, but anyway  avoid the risk and do the homework and research also in this case, is always imperative.

JSS Tripler  the extension of JSP system poofs that passive income works pretty well.

Centurion Wealth Circle  is a good example of great passive income by merging the qualities of JSS Tripler and Ad2Million(an other profit sharing system).

TIPS for passive income
Profit share systems can prove to be profitable, but  be very careful not to generate risks.
If you are really serious in being involved in a HYIP, make sure you do your homework well.
A thorough research about the company you are getting involved in is the first step and essential. Find out the operations of the company and how your investment will get the promised interest rate not to be sorry later.
Always make your first investment on a short  time plan, withdraw ALL your money and reinvest from your profit. This way you will be safe about your pocket expenses.
Choose to invest in the first 2 month of live of a company if you are not sure about it. Most of them work and pay  in their first  life time period.
Get as much information as you can about the owners of profit sharing companies.

HYP risks and scams
High yield programs  involve high risks rate. Investment programs are not exemptions.
HYIPs that are short-lived are scams or Ponzi schemes. These schemes appear very attractive because of the promise for high interests but be aware that ponzi schemes do not have revenues because the money collected from investors were not really investments thus, money not invested will not earn revenue. If there are not new investors, that scheme dies because the investors are  paid by money collected from another group of investors who placed their money to generate interest.
HYIP scams are based on the need of investing money to generate money but HYIP scams will usually never place the money that they get from investors to investments to earn interest.They just disappear after 2-3 month.

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